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This blog records my experience as a 38th Voyager on the 38th Voyage of the whale ship Charles W. Morgan in June 2014. The first voyage of this ship was from New Bedford in July 1841. The 38th Voyage is scheduled to bring me into New Bedford on June 25. In my application for this voyage I proposed writing an open-ended essay that would record my immediate sensations on the ship enriched by my experience as a Melville scholar as a teacher of Moby-Dick, the book Herman Melville published in 1851 after sailing from New Bedford on the whale ship Acushnet ten years earlier, six months before the maiden voyage of the Charles W. Morgan). This writing project remains open-ended but its medium has changed. After beginning the essay project with an account of our Training Day in at Mystic Seaport Museum on April 26, and continuing it with the early entries of the “All Astir” section that followed, I realized that what I thought would be an essay was becoming more like a book.  As I continued to write, and began to speak with colleagues about the project, I decided to convert what was becoming a book project into a blog, something I could publish now rather than several years from now. In addition to capturing the immediacy of the experience, the blog would allow me to include many more images than would a book. I had never kept a blog, and I had a lot to learn in converting my Microsoft Word chapters into the WordPress site you are reading and seeing here, but I am grateful to have found this medium in which to record what is truly the experience of a lifetime.

About the author Robert K. Wallace

Professor Wallace with four student artists from his Moby and the Arts class at 2014 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity

Professor Wallace with four student artists from his Moby and the Arts class at 2014 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity

I was born in Everett, Washington, in 1944; graduated from Whitman College in 1966; and received my Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1972. I am currently Regents Professor of English at Northern Kentucky University, where I have taught since 1972. I currently teach freshman and sophomore writing courses in Exploring the Arts and upper division and graduate courses in Moby-Dick and the Arts, Emily Dickinson and the Arts, and Frederick Douglass and Herman Melville. My books on Melville include Melville and Turner (1992), Frank Stella’s Moby-Dick (2000), Douglass and Melville (2005), and Heggie and Scheer’s Moby-Dick (2013). I am grateful to my university for the opportunity to teach and to Mystic Seaport Museum for selecting me at a 38th Voyager. If you have any questions about this blog, please email me at wallacer@nku.edu.


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